Warsaw is a city painfully experienced by history. It paid the highest price for being the centre of crucial and dramatic events during the Second World War – it almost ceased to exit. The much appreciated centre of culture, impressive classicistic palaces, art nouveau townhouses, parks and squares vanished. The whole infrastructure, considered before the war as one of the most modern ones in Europe, disappeared.

The totally new Warsaw was erected upon the ruins – the memories of the old one closed in albums and hearts of its inhabitants. Today nobody is able to imagine what an impressive and inspirational city it used to be.

With your own eyes!

We are presenting Warsaw as you do not know it! For the first time after 66 years! In the whole glory of its pre-war architectural splendor! Carefully reconstructed in 3D! See the city admired before the war by the whole Europe, then called Paris of the North!

The project of rebuilding Warsaw in 3D is the great achievement of the Newborn animation and vfx studio from the Praga district in Warsaw. The originator of this idea, Tomasz Gomoła started planning the reconstruction of the historical, original architecture of Warsaw and its unique atmosphere already 4 years ago. This way he wanted to remind everybody of the former greatness of the Polish capital. But only thanks to Newborn studio and its enormous creative potential it was possible for the idea of reconstruction to be developed into its final, impressive shape. Work on “Warsaw 1935” lasted nearly 4 years. Its scale and flourish prove that it is an unprecedented project. No one has ever taken up such a challenge.

Newborn has developed and executed the whole process of production, working without much publicity from the very beginning.

Everything you will see is about to come back to life…

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